Tuesday I had a weekly appointment with my doctor which was very encouraging for a number of reasons.

First, after looking at my info from the E.R. he agreed with my vomitting husband that I had a virus, NOT Hyperemesis Gravidum.  He also told me that even if it hadn’t been Memorial Day, he would have sent me into the hospital for I.V. fluids, because at this stage in a pregnancy, one can’t be too safe.  So I felt better about taking up a bed in a hospital.

Secondly, I am dilated 1 cm and more than 70% effaced.  This is great news.  In fact, at this stage with the mackerdoodle when I left the office he told me that he was going out of town and wouldn’t be back until after my due date.  Then he told me he’d see me when he got back and the office staff would schedule my induction.  This time, he told me “see you next week, unless you’re in labor first.”  yay!

Finally, my doctor is once again planning to be out of town in close proximity to my due date.  This time, however, it’s for *after* my due date.  He’s giving me the option of being induced a few days early if the cheesedoodle doesn’t come early on his own.

So I have progress.  I will keep you updated.


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