He Wins . . . Again

My parents are selling my childhood home in order to move closer to their grandchildren – oh, and also their daughters and sons-in-law.  The house is on the market, but last week they packed all of their worldly possessions into a rented U-haul truck, left their keys with their Realtor and moved themselves across the country – roughly 2500 miles.

Several weeks ago, Dad had mentioned that he’d like to have the opportunity to see me pregnant.  He asked if I would be okay with them coming down to see us at the end of this pregnancy.   Knowing that they were about to embark on a 2500 + mile drive, I told Jonathan that I just didn’t think Dad would want to add another 950 miles in such a short time.  Jonathan told me confidently, “Yes he will.  I expect them at the end of the first week in June.”  I remained skeptical.

Saturday my parents called.  They unload the moving truck today, and leave Ontario Wednesday.  They’ll be here around suppertime on Thursday.

So I have learned two things:

  1. Apparently my husband knows my father better than I do.
  2. The opportunity to be present for the birth of a grandchild outweighs thousands of miles of driving.

Yesterday I was telling everyone that the baby could come any time after Friday.  Mitch has predicted that I’ll go into labor Thursday at lunch.  He predicts a conversation wtih my parents in which they say “we’re coming through Chatanooga.”  and Jonathan tells them, “better hurry. . .”

Regardless, I will be scheduling an induction for next week when I see my doctor on Tuesday, so I know for sure we’ll have a newborn by June 12th at the latest.


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