All Ready . . . Oh Wait

So now that I know I’ve got a week at the most before welcoming my son into the world, I’ve been thinking through all of the things we would need for that to work.  Car seat, check.  Small diapers, check.  Clothes, check, check.  Oh wait.  I don’t have anywhere to put his clothes.

While Jonathan was refinishing this house just before the mackerdoodle showed up, his mother bought and refinished a chifferobe from goodwill for the mackerdoodle’s room.  It’s beautiful, and it has been everything I have needed for her.  Her dresses hang in the wardrobe section, her pajamas are in the top drawer, her shirts and onesies in the second drawer, her pants/shorts/skorts in the third.  Through almost two years, and seven different sizes, it has held all of her clothes.  I really hope that it becomes an heirloom for her, and that she will always know that her grandma bought and refinished it for her before she was even born.

But it’s a little late to have grandma come from B.C. and refinish something for the Cheesedoodle I think.

So where am I going to put his clothes?

Well, for now, they are in a big rubbermaid tub.  Maybe I’ll start yard saleing for something . . . maybe I’ll do that after we move.  Maybe I’m not as prepared for a second baby as I first thought.


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