Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

Wednesday evening President Obama held a “town hall” meeting on his national health care policy.  Thursday afternoon he held a press conference regarding his energy policy.  This week NASA sent an unmanned probe to the moon, two trains crashed in Washington DC and the governor of South Carolina disappeared, was found in Argentina and confessed to an extra-marital affair.  People in Iran are dying in the streets and soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So what has been all the news since 5:30 last night?

Michael Jackson.


What’s wrong with our culture.  The man was not a head of state, he was not royalty, he was not a victim of a violent crime.  I think it’s sad that he lived his entire life trying to earn the favor of man and will probably spend eternity facing the wrath of God, but I don’t think his death warrants the pre-emption of Special Report with Brett Baier!  Especially when there are important things happening in the world.

It’s such a sad statement on the state of our culture.

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2 responses to “Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

  • Badger

    Um, well, here’s an idea: stay away from American media sources. Most everyone else in the world got the news and moved on. Turn off the TV and read Spiegel or the BBC instead; you’ll be amazed at how much happens outside of Fortress Amerika.

  • William Blake

    Sadly Michael Jackson is a symbol of the decline of the west!

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