Wednesday Whine-In

Well, the cheesedoodle is three weeks old this afternoon and that seems like an auspicious beginning for our 12 week challenge to weight loss.  I’m not going to lay out a diet plan for everyone because everyone’s body responds differently to different things and y’all know your bodies better than I do.  The goal for us here is to hold one another accountable and share what’s working for us and what isn’t.

For an added incentive, my sister came up with a great idea.  If you want to participate in the 12 week challenge, go to paypal and send $5.00 to  The money will stay in the paypal account for the 12 weeks, and at the end of it the person with the highest percentage loss will get the whole pot.  I figured percentage loss instead of total pounds loss because we all have different goals to and needs as far as actual pounds go, but percentage loss should level the playing field.

When I presented the idea to my husband, he said, “How will you know they’re telling the truth?”   Frankly, it never crossed my mind that y’all might lie to me!  But, if there is money on the line I suppose we should try to be above reproach.  So here’s the plan: some time in the next couple of days, stand on the scale and take a digital picture showing the weight.  E-mail that picture to me.  No one will see it. I will not post your weight.  At the end of the 12 weeks, everyone will take a second picture of our weight and the big winner (or loser) will claim the big bucks – well, mediocre bucks.

For the next 12 weeks, every Wednesday I’ll post a thread about how I tried to move more and eat less, and y’all can comment with your own success or failure that week.

So how does that sound?  Doable?  Still in?

My $5.00 is already in the pot.  My plan is to eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer carbs, not to snack – especially after supper – and to drink more fluids – especially after supper when what I really want to do is snack.  I’m also committing to *try* to exercise three times a week here in my own house.

I’ll let you know next week how this goes.


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