What We Did This Weekend – Part Two

After helping the Ballards move into their new house, we checked into the hotel room that the Church in the ‘Boro had generously provided for us.  As we walked into the large suite the king-sized bed and 27 inch flat screen T.V. caught our attention, but the feature that impressed the mackerdoodle the most was the HUGE tub in the bathroom.  We stripped her down and put her into it, but she just stood there, ankle deep in water, shaking her head.

“Suit.”  She said.  “Fwim.”

Apparently the tub was so huge, she thought it was a pool.  As soon as she had her suit, she happily “fwimmed” for thirty minutes, after which we soaped her down and washed her hair – so it was really a best of both worlds scenario and all without leaving our room.

But the day wasn’t over!  After the “fwim”, we enjoyed a steak dinner with Rob and Sherri, followed by a fourth of July fireworks extravaganza.

It was the mackerdoodle’s first experience with fireworks.  It was loud.

But once Daddy stepped in to protect her hearing, she seemed to enjoy the colors and lights.  In fact, for the big finale she climbed off her Daddy’s lap and sat on the blanket with Rob and Sherri.  On the way home she kept saying “Big boom.  Lights.  High in sky.  Colors.”  repeatedly, so I think it was a hit.

The Cheesedoodle slept through the entire thing.  But his time will come.


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