Wednesday Morning Weigh-In

Today is my 35th birthday.  I know, I know . . . I’m middle aged.

Last night my husband cooked me an amazing meal to celebrate and today Jawan made cupcakes, but the best present was stepping on the scales.

I’m down 4 pounds.

So, all of you in the challenge, how are you doing?  What’s working for ya’?  What’s not?

I’m really struggling to exercise.  It’s so hot here, that getting out to walk is just so daunting.  I’m wearing the Cheesedoodle a lot and trying to walk extra steps with him in the wrap (ie: taking two trips to carry laundry instead of one).  Any suggestions?


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7 responses to “Wednesday Morning Weigh-In

  • Tera Montgomery

    Happy Birthday and congrats on the weight loss!

    I’m down a little over a pound since Sunday morning which is pretty good for me 🙂 We are doing really well at including more fruits and veggies and have refrained more frequently from eating out and, when we do eat out, avoiding desserts.

    We have a much bigger house and stairs so I am taking alot more steps (and my feet are yelling at me for it too!).

    Next step…more water, less soda. I may or may not get the treadmill up and running this week but we are going to start taking a walk after supper.

  • Carole

    I have gained 2lbs I have to make more effort at portion control..also increase my exercise…Good for you Tera,and Coralie.

  • Maggie

    Hi, I just found your blog! Happy birthday and congrats on the weight loss. That’s always a great gift!

  • Nowheymama

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  • Renee

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  • Kristi-Anna

    Happy birthday! I have not yet taken a photo of my scale… I am going to TOPS tho, and I know my weight, and if you don’t mind me just emailing that to you, and then my weight again in 11 weeks now, I will do that. I haven’t yet sent my 5$, but am thinking of just participating without winning, is that oK?

  • Melinda

    what??? we are middle aged??? seriously….why did I think that wasn’t for another 10 years or so……down 1 1/2 pounds….but that is solely due to breastfeeding…cause I am not excercising, sleeping or eating right…and am not producing much milk so will be giving it up shortly and have to supplement…sigh….(at least I made it 4 weeks longer than I did with Lucas) and that means will not have the breastfeeding to fall back on….so I need to buckle down and get into this…..congrats to you for your bday and your weight loss….good job Cor….

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