Wednesday Morning Weigh-In – Week 5

Well, for the second week in a row I have lost nothing, nada, zilch.  Sigh.

I’m trying to come up with ways to exercise that don’t involve: a. waking a sleeping infant, or b. being outside in 95 degrees and 80% humidity.  I have a few things to try this week, so I’ll let you know next week if they worked.

On the good news front: Jonathan has four job possibilities on the line, so we’re praising the Lord for that, and praying that at least one will come to fruition before our paychecks stop in two weeks.

So, what about you?  What’s working?  What isn’t?  Have you beat me this week?  (I sure hope someone has! 🙂 )

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One response to “Wednesday Morning Weigh-In – Week 5

  • Kristi-Anna

    That’s great news about Jonathan!! We have yet to be so blessed in that area.

    I think I”m not participating in your weight loss challenge now, as I didn’t hear back from you via email… but I have lost 1.75lbs in the past two weeks, and that was with two camping trips in there! 🙂

    I am eating more salads for lunch, doing some swimming, and not really eating past 8pm 🙂

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