Daily Archives: August 15, 2009

New Skills

Before I post on my newest SAHM discoveries, I need to say that my post on Thursday possibly was more depressed sounding than I intended it to be.  I’m sorry for that, and I’m sorry for having the total lack of discretion to post about our finances.

I have often looked in awe and wonder at the stay at home moms  around me who have hobbies like gardening, sewing and automotive restoration (yes I really know a woman who restores cars).  I have looked at their lives, compared them to mine and wondered, where to they get the time?  This week I realized, hey, the difference is: they’re at home.

I have been at home more in the last week than has been the rule in my 14 years of marriage and suddenly tasks that once were daunting are no longer so.  In fact, on Friday I got everything done on my to-do list except mop the floor (and that needs to wait for sleeping kids), so I took the kids outside, and I did some gardening.  Yeah, I voluntarily did gardening.  Weird.

I planted a tree and some ground cover in the front planting beds, and even though it needs mulch or something (which it’s unlikely to get right now), this:

looks a lot better than this:

Am I right?

I also staked up my diefenbachia because it was leaning over and looking messy.  Now it looks like this:

And my ivy is really filling out too:

I’m certainly not planting a rose garden, or considering buying a hobby farm, but I’m understanding how women who spend their days in their homes have time to care for those homes and do some extra.  All of a sudden the command to be “busy at home” is feeling a lot less daunting.