One Friday night we had company over for dinner, and as tends to happen with Jonathan and I, we got talking about stupid things we had done in our youth.   Jonathan began telling a story that involved fire crackers, and as soon as he said the word “fire cracker” the mackerdoodle, who had been sitting at her daddy’s feet, seemingly oblivious to our conversation, perked up and began to chatter.

“Boom, boom.  Loud.”  She covered her ears, then put her arms in the air saying, “High.  Sky.  Fall.  Yeyow.”  And we realized that she was remembering and recounting watching fireworks in Statesboro a month ago.  Jonathan asked her some questions and she answered them, and then I gave her the memory test to see if she was remembering an event or just a faint idea in her mind.

I asked her “Who was there?”  She looked at me, and said, “Uhm.  Wob.”  With a decisive nod, and then went back  to telling me about the yeyow big booms high in the sky that fall.  She was absolutely right.  We enjoyed the big boom fireworks with our friends Rob and Sherri and their children.

The same week I was talking to Jonathan about a trip my parents were planning which eventually was postponed.  Again, I had no idea that the mackerdoodle was paying any attention to our conversation until she began to say “oh no.  oh no.” repeatedly from the back seat.  I turned to see what was causing such consternation, and saw her pointing to her brother.  She was saying “Oh no.  Nana seat.”  She was concerned that when Nana and Papa came to visit, Nana would have nowhere to sit in the van because  the cheesedoodle was in her seat.

I’ve realized two things:

1.  She is paying more attention to our conversations than I care to admit, and I need to watch what I say around her.  I need to guard her ears and her mind carefully.

2.  She is remembering things.  Only certain things, but she is remembering them.  This is an exciting developmental milestone, because this is where conscious learning can begin.  This is when I can begin to impart knowledge instead of just reinforcing behavior.

Every new step on this parenting journey is so exciting.  I look forward to what will be new each day.


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