Daily Archives: August 20, 2009

Wednesday Morning Weigh-In: The Thursday Morning Addition (Wk 7)

I didn’t remember it was Wednesday yesterday until I saw that my wordless Wednesday had auto posted.  So I weighed myself this morning.  I’m down 2 pounds which is my first loss in three weeks, so the little exercising I’m doing is helping.  Having Jonathan at work, and the house in a sort of routine is also helping.

My exercise routine is a simple version of the clean and press barbell lift.  Of course, if you click on that link, you’ll find some ripped man lifting a barbell with big weights on each end.  I look nothing like that.  I lift an empty 15 pound bar for 2 reps of 5 lifts and then I hold 2 three pound dumb bells (one in each hand – six pounds total) for another two reps of five lifts.  Or at least that’s my plan.  It tends to get interrupted by  a toddler holding herself, dancing and saying “I tee-tee.  I tee-tee.” in a panicked voice, or a hungry baby, or a tired baby being woken up by a toddler saying “Baby? WAKEUP!” or any combination thereof.  Regardless, an incomplete exercise routine is better than no exercise routine, so I keep at it.

So, what about y’all?  What’s working?  What isn’t?