Daily Archives: August 21, 2009

Incomplete Thoughts

These notebooks are all mine and I have at least this many in a box in my upstairs bedroom.  Some of them contain content as new as a few months ago, while others date back to my high school years (yes, all those many  17 years ago), but what they all contain is my writing.  Turns out I’ve been “blogging” for almost 20 years, and working on fiction ideas linger than that.  When I look back on my life I realize that while I have dabbled in a great many hobbies, I’ve always come back to writing.

So this week as I looked at that pile of unfinished ideas and incomplete thoughts, I wondered if I could use this consistent desire in my life for the benefit of my family.  This week I published some work on Associated Content, a website that solicits content, and pays authors when readers click on their articles.  Today I received notice that my first “how-to” article has already earned $3.00.  Sure, it wouldn’t buy me a drink at Starbucks, but it’s a start.  I am officially a professional writer.  I have two other articles in editing, and another couple in the works on my computer.

Feel free to visit my profile, and click on my articles (and one short story) as they come available.  Now that I’m started, I wonder where it will take me.  Whatever comes of this, it’s a sure sight better than a pile of incomplete thoughts hiding in a box.