Living the Dream

Today it is a cool 82 degrees with a beautiful 40% humidity.  Every window and door in my home is open and I just spent an hour outside with the mackerdoodle, blowing bubbles, digging, pushing her wagon and chasing “hoppers” as she calls them.

Today cheesedoodle had a 2 month appointment(yes, he’s almost 3 months) and he is a good sized boy.  75th percentile in height (24.5 inches) and weight (14.2 lbs) and head. After a good nap you’d never even know he’d had shots.  He’s kicking and grinning and cooing up a storm.

Saturday was the day Jonathan was supposed to take his entrance  placement exam for seminary, but today I’m loving being a mama, wherever that is.


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One response to “Living the Dream

  • Melinda

    COOL 82??? let’s see…today was four celsius…I think that’s a lot cooler than 82…our lives are so the same….today Lucas and I also went in the wagon, blew bubbles and chased “hoppers” as he calls them …and my boy is around 14 pounds too…why aren’t we being mommy’s closer to each other??? if you were here we could have sat on my deck, drank coffee and nursed our infants and watched our toddlers run around chasing hoppers…

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