Daily Archives: August 25, 2009

Lights, Bushels and Time Management

So my husband read the post about my empty journals and said something surprising.  He told me that writing things down in a journal and putting them in a box was hiding my light under a bushel.  He wants me to write more and finish some of these projects with the goal of finding a publisher.  Of course, it’s that last part that has the most hurtles (Anyone know a reader at a publishing house?  Didn’t think so.) and will require the most work for the least promise of return, but to have my husband affirm that he believed God had given me a talent for writing was encouraging.

So my goals in writing (2 AC articles a week, and 15 pages of other writing a week) and my daily housekeeping duties and the growing baby who needs to eat, and the toddler who needs to potty and wants me to read to her 35 hours a day are all competing for my time, and I am trying to balance all of that in a healthy and God honoring way.  So you may have seen this coming, but I’m going to cut back on my blogging.  My goal will be three posts per week, plus my Wednesday morning weigh in.

So I’ll still be here enough to keep you up to date on the cuteness of my children and the progress of my writing goals, and if you want to know about my AC posts you can follow me on (sigh) Twitter or catch the updates on my Facebook page when anything is published.

And if you know a publisher who might want to look past the “chatty kathy” style of this blog and read something I’ve actually worked at, send them my e-mail address.  🙂