Wednesday Morning Weigh In Week 8

Down 2 more pounds to 181, which makes me only 6 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight (I know.  Yikes!  I’m working on that)  but I’m still not coming close to fitting in most of my non maternity clothes.  I’m very frustrated to put on baggy maternity clothes every morning.

I’m still exercising, and mackerdoodle has taken to standing beside me and copying me which is a lot of fun.  Now that the weather is cooling off (a month earlier than usual.  I’m expecting one last blast of summer any day now.)  and the cheesedoodle is less “newborny” I’m spending more time outside and we’ve begun taking a walk in the afternoons.  It’s good for mama’s waistline and mackerdoodle’s bedtime.

So, who’s still with me?  What’s working, what’s not and what are your plans for the upcoming week?

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2 responses to “Wednesday Morning Weigh In Week 8

  • Tera Montgomery

    Down more than a 1/2 a pound a day since last week. This week has me so busy and walking all over campus that I eat at meals and pretty much that is it. Next week should find me checking out the gym and trying to figure how it can fit into my schedule. Then again, classes start next week. If I can keep the food out of my office and my time in the kitchen to a minimum, I should be in a good place. Slowly, but hopefully surely this time.

    And CONGRATS on your weight loss!

  • Melinda

    jogging/walking 4-6 km a day….not budging the scale an ounce….just gettng a really sore back….but feeling stronger…GOT TO QUIT eating tho…

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