Mackerdoodle Moments

My two year old daughter has become a fountain of continual amusement.  There are so many cute moments, that I often can’t remember all of them to pass them on to my family when they call, or to her daddy when returns from closing the Chick-Fil-A.  Here are a few that have stuck in my mind:

  • One afternoon I flopped onto the couch beside Jonathan and we both said at the same time “I’m tired.”  We laughed about it, and then our cheesedoodle woke up from his nap.  At the first sound of his cry, the mackerdoodle looked up at me, as she always does, and said “Baby.  Kyin.”  and then she said something completely new:  “I get him.”
  • The next day I heard cheesedoodle wake up, and as I was moving toward the bedroom, I encountered my mackerdoodle trotting in the same direction calling out “I comin baby.  I comin.”
  • She has clear memories now of events, and will often remember the strangest things, narrating back in her broken language events I had forgotten, or are no longer relevant to me.  Just last week she was telling me that “Daddy.  Hairguck.”  (Haircut)  Jonathan cut her hair a month ago, but she felt the need to mention it as a current event.  After I acknowledged the haircut, she put her hands under her chin, framing her face in her hands, then tipped her head sideways and looked up at me, saying, “I booifoo.”
  • The cheesedoodle is enjoying the chance to sit up and look around, and when I am holding him in the upright position the mackerdoodle will often come over and gently hug him.  The first time she realized that she could do it, she reached her arms around him, rested her cheeks against his and then said “I yike it baby.  I yike huggin.”
  • One day while sorting laundry, I looked up and found the mackerdoodle very diligently removing Jonathan’s clean socks from his sock drawer and placing them in the dirty laundry hamper.  A week later, I came into the bedroom and she had the basket into which I had tossed the clean underwear and socks and was pushing everything – socks, boxers, nursing pads, nursing bras, etc. – into the same sock drawer.  Both times, she looked up at me with her contagious smile and said “I help.”
  • Jonathan already blogged about this one, but it deserves a double post.  Mackerdoodle’s favorite part of family worship is singing.  Every day we sing “Praise Him Praise Him” because she asks for it every day.  Last week, we thought she was too tired for a long family worship, so we jumped straight to our closing doxology.  After the first line, the mackerdoodle stopped us by asking “Where Praise Him Praise Him go?”  She looked high and low before finding, and carrying to us, the hymnal and saying “Praise Him Praise Him.”  How can a parent resist?  We sang Praise Him Praise Him.
  • Today while I was talking to my mother, she held up her band aid to the telephone so Nana could see.
  • After supper she was trying to explain what she wanted.  She said “Mo’  skip . . . spik . . . sr . . . ” then she hopped up, and ran into the kitchen where I heard her saying “white dere.  white dere.” to the rice krispie treats.  She knew what she wanted, she just couldn’t make her mouth say Rice Krispies.
  • She fell asleep sitting on the couch eating the Rice Krispies treat.  When I shook her to wake her, she just put the treat into her mouth and kept chewing, never once opening her eyes.

There are so many, but if I keep going, I’m afraid I’ve already bored everyone but my sister and my mom.  I feel like I miss more than I catch, even being at home full time with them, and it feels like the cheesedoodle’s life is going so much faster than the mackerdoodle’s has.  I can’t even imagine how fast the first year of a fourth, fifth or subsequent child’s life must be.


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2 responses to “Mackerdoodle Moments

  • Tera Montgomery

    I don’t get bored. It helps to remind me of all the cute things my girls do. Ankica is good at the “fall asleep while eating and then continue after she kinda wakes up” thing too.

    We need to start family devotionals. I have no doubt my girls would benefit. They are sponges.

    I am inspired to blog. Later!

  • Melinda

    doesn’t bore me…at the same place as you…don’t you LOVE IT???…I do…i am laughing every day…

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