I Sleep With a Local Celebrity

Chick-Fil-As all over the country gave away free chicken sandwiches Monday to anyone wearing a team logo of any kind.  They do it each year to coincide with the start of college football and it’s a big event every year.

So you can imagine that my husband was working today.

Not only was he working, but the local news came down to his store (probably because it’s the closest to their studios) to get some footage and when they saw how cute the Assistant Manager on duty was, they just had to put him on camera.  Jonathan came home, told me that it was going to be on during the sports, and promptly went to bed.  He didn’t want to see his face on camera.  I, on the other hand, was cursing this digital age in which I no longer have a blank VHS on which I could record his 15 seconds of fame.

I have no idea if he stuck with the script Chick-Fil-A had issued, but he did very well.  He was clearly nervous, but he spoke clearly, smiled and communicated that Chick-Fil-A was promoting both football, and their chicken sandwich, which is the original chicken sandwich.  There were also four shots of him taking orders and handing out drinks  to customers.

It was fun for me to watch, but it reminded me that this is the first job my husband has had in fourteen years in which I have not seen him in action and even worked with him in some capacity.  It also reminded me that I have a really cute husband who looks great in cerulean blue and a tie – even if he had to shave off the facial hair.


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