Encouragement and Exhortation in a Handy Portable Size

I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love listening to Neal Boortz on AM radio.  The fact is that when I’m working around the house I prefer talk radio to music most of the time, but Neal is only on three hours each weekday, and I can’t handle extended periods of most of the other talk guys.  Being at home full time now, I’ve been trying to find something to fill in my Neal free hours.

I know in theory that voices (such as preaching, or these new fangled things called “pod casts”) can be put onto MP3 players, I just hadn’t thought about actually doing it myself until Jonathan, in preparation for his sermon this Sunday, began listening to different sermons by different preachers on his passage.  Thursday was the fourth day in the week that he had a sermon playing as we went about getting him ready for work.  I asked him where he kept finding all of these sermons.

“The monergism.com MP3 library.”  he answered.  I had no idea it even existed, and when I began to look at their thousands of available free MP3 downloads, I came across a section entitled “Sermons for Women” containing almost 500 sermons just for women.  An excellent resource to fill my Neal free hours and to help me meditate on the things of God.

I’ve downloaded five, and already listened to two, both of which I would like to listen to again; but the one that hit me straight between the eyes, and one I think all Christian women should listen to, is:  How Have We Been Influenced By Feminists by Martha Peace.  The beginning of the message is a history of feminism, most of which I already knew, but in the last half of the talk she takes phrases that Christian women use, shows how they have their roots in feminism and humanism and uses scripture to give the Lord’s truth to counteract them.  As someone who considers herself a proud anti-feminist, I was convicted at the feminist/humanist thoughts and phrases I have allowed to slip into my life. I recommend it highly.

And now I’m going to listen to some Susan Hunt talks on discipleship.  Definitely better than Rush Limbaugh, don’t you think?


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