Bizarre Moments in the Real Estate Market

Does anyone remember this Century 21 commercial where a woman has one kid in the tub and another bouncing on a bed full of laundry behind her; the phone rings and it’s a Realtor calling from her driveway?  I remember watching it and thinking “What sort of Realtor would do that?”  Well, today I met him.

It was like the commercial.  The mackerdoodle was in the tub and the cheesedoodle was in his Bumbo seat on the bathroom floor and because it was almost bed time, he began to cry when I had to step over him to find my telephone.  I picked up the phone and the cheesedoodle in two simultaneous motions, resulting in me answering the telephone with my son’s wail.  After I settled him down enough to hear the man on the telephone, I stepped away from my splashing daughter into the living room where I saw the man to whom I was speaking, sitting in my driveway.

I told him that my daughter was in the bath tub and that the remains of supper were sitting on the kitchen counter and that right now was NOT a good time.  He told me that he’d give me five minutes to get my daughter out of the tub and then they’d be coming in.  He wasn’t kidding either.  Five minutes later, while I was still pulling her pajamas over her head, the front door opened and after asking if there were any pets to watch for, they breezed in and out in less time than it took me to read Dr. Seuss ABC.  They didn’t even go upstairs or into my bedroom, and without so much as a “good bye” or a business card, they were gone again.

I know that God can use anything.  I sort of wish I knew what He was going to use this for.  Oh well.  At least someone looked at the house.


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4 responses to “Bizarre Moments in the Real Estate Market

  • AJU5's Mom

    That realtor is just not cool! the least amount of time we were ever given was 15 minutes – and that ended up being the person that bought our house (1.5 yrs ago) so we don’t complain too much.

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  • Loran Montgomery

    The realtor has to have a boss.

    I’d suggest a simple call advising his boss that he is no longer authorized to show my house, and that if he does ever again enter my home without permission, he’ll be met with violence and his agency will be met with a restraining order and the accompanying lawsuit.

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