Ladies, Step to the Scales

Well, this is it.  That little weight loss challenge between friends is at a close and I’m still in maternity wear, so I’m not pleased with my results.

Here’s how we’ll work it:  send me an e-mail with your weight for this week and your weight for the week of July 8th if you didn’t send it to me then.  We’ll do the percentages and declare a winner next week.


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2 responses to “Ladies, Step to the Scales

  • Melinda

    okay…you are gonna have to remind me how to put in my five bucks…because i have lost…not weight but the competition…yikes…2 pounds only…sigh….anyways…want to do it again before Christmas??? i’ll win next time for sure…or …not….

  • Carole

    I have lost 2 lbs too , pathetic eh? can I blame trailer living?

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