One We(a)k

2009_10120014Confucius say: six days no blogging makes a blog weak.

Coralie say: almost three weeks of visiting with family makes one sleepy.

Nana and Papa arrived on September 19 and left on October 2.  My sister and brother-in-law and their four kids arrived on October 8 and left yesterday morning.  I spent all day Tuesday exhausted, not like someone who has spent all her energies and needs a rest, but exhausted like someone coming off a high.

Like my daughter, I have been running on the double stimulant of almost 24 hr social interaction and family time.  In the few days between my parents leaving and my sister arriving I was fueled by the promise of another energy infusion into my life; but now that all the family visits have been completed for the time being I find myself entering a sort of interpersonal hibernation.  The rain outside is giving me an excuse to hole up inside, snuggle with my kids and let my household chores get out of hand for a day and a half.

But life is continuing here in West Central Georgia, and the time of family visits has produced many a funny, blog worthy moment, so the blog will become my “family patch” allowing me to re-live things in small doses stepping my slowly back into my normal life.  🙂