In Which I Confess to Breaking the Tenth Commandment

Five years ago, or so, while I was still working in real estate and we were those “double income no kids” people, my husband bought me a Tungsten T5 Palm Pilot.  I LOVED it and lived my entire life by that thing.  Everything was in the schedule, everyone was in the address book, and I didn’t go anywhere without it.  One of the applications prepackaged with the palm was called eReader, and I remember thinking “who on earth is going to read anything on a screen this tiny?”  Shortly after taking possession of this treasure, I was sitting in a driveway waiting to show a house to someone.  Bored with poking through the other apps, I opened eReader and found that it had come with two free classics: the Count of Monte Cristo and H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.  I began reading and figured out that I was someone who would read on a screen that tiny.

It’s great.  I always have a book with me (usually several).  It’s backlit, so I can read at night.  I can read at night without rustling pages.  I can read Atlas Shrugged without needing a weight training routine. Now that I’m a full time Mom, I don’t use the schedule anymore and I’ve got addresses on my laptop now because I don’t ever need them anywhere but at home.  In fact, the only part of my Tungsten T5 that I still use is the eReader program. The palm is a little beyond it’s lifespan.  The touch screen is loosing it’s touchiness, the battery life has diminished a little and every once in a while it doesn’t sync with my laptop.  But I can still read, so I’m a happy camper and I don’t see any need to replace a palm pilot I’m not actually using for its intended purpose.  When Amazon introduced the Kindle I was interested in an academic way, but didn’t feel the need to change my digital reading tools.

Several months ago, eReader, my favorite way to read, was purchased by Barnes and Noble, my favorite bookstore.   This was an interesting triviality that affected my life in no way whatsoever until last week (the day I became the temporary host for the virus block party we had last week) when I got an e-mail announcing this:

I’ve spent a week coveting a Nook every time I fire up the Tungsten eReader.  It’s everything I love about my eReader, but nicer, and newer and owned by Barnes and Noble.  It’s also almost more money than I spend on groceries in a month.  So I’m not even thinking about buying a nook.  I’m blogging about it instead.  Doesn’t that  make it so much better?  🙂