My Five Favorite: Bands That Never Really Existed

A lot of bloggers do lists.  Scribbit does a list every Thursday, Amanda does one a week, you get the point.  I’d never considered doing lists here until I did my Power Ballad post which elicited more hits and comments than any other posts apart from the announcements of my pregnancies.  Since then I have rolled around several list potentials in my head.  I’m not going to do them weekly or anything, but when one sparks my fancy I’ll drop it in the mix.

So here are my five favorite bands that never really existed:

5.  Spinal Tap – Okay, this one doesn’t strictly count because Spinal Tap did eventually both tour and release an album, but they are made up entirely of comedians for the mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap.”   It is one of the funniest movies of the 80’s.  Just the thought of the movie makes me laugh out loud and I want to do an entire post of my favorite bits.  But I won’t.  I’ll just say this: how can you not love a band that has amplifiers that go to eleven?

4.  The Lone Rangers from the movie Airheads – Brendan Frasier, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler as metal heads who hijack a radio station with water guns filled with hot sauce.  And this line:  “Well, there’s three of you. You’re not exactly lone. Shouldn’t you be the Three Rangers?”  I don’t recommend the movie but the band certainly makes my list.

3.  Pop from Music and Lyrics –  Just watch the opening credits from the movie, and if you don’t laugh out loud, you’re either too old or too young.

2.  Josie and the Pussy Cats – How can you not love a band that has been fake in three different mediums?  A comic book band with a television show that has also been in a movie yet is still entirely fictional.  The movie is actually a great parody of the music industry (like the last three movies) but is clean and wholesome.

1.  Love Handel from Phineas and Ferb – What’s not to love about a band that has an overweight librarian as the drummer and includes the lyrics: “I put up barriers to shield my emotions.  A wall that you could never break apart.  But like a ninja of love repelling down from above, you snuck your way right into my heart.”  In fact, this song should have been on my power ballad list.

Who knew there were so many bands that never really existed?  Have any favorites of your own?


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