Mad Skills and New Independance

When my sister and her family were visiting, one of the big treats my mackerdoodle received was getting to take baths with her female cousins.  Playing in the bath is fun, but playing in the bath with a slightly older cousin who can do cool things like get in and out of the tub by herself is downright inspiring!  The mackerdoodle has been talking about it ever since.  When I put her in the tub she says, “Beffa (her name for her youngest cousin “Bess”) do byself.”  When I take her out of the tub she says, “Beffa do byself.”  Sometimes I find her in the bathroom during the day trying to do a dry run.

Tuesday evening she dragged her little stool into the bathroom and managed, in very slow motion and under my constant supervision, to get herself into the tub.  She was very proud of herself and talked about it all evening, but Wednesday she didn’t care to repeat the feat.  I put her in the tub Wednesday evening and left her to play while I changed the Cheesedoodle into his pajamas in the next room.  I could hear the happy sounds of splashing and chattering assuring me that she was safe and content.  Then, as I was fighting the cheesedoodle to button the legs of his sleeper (he thinks it’s a game and keeps pulling his legs up and giggling) I heard the distinct “splat, splat, splat” sounds of small, wet feet on hardwood.  I turned from the changing table and saw a dripping, smiling, naked – and still dirty – toddler.

She said “Beffa do byself.  Mya (her name for herself) do byself.  I all done.”


3 thoughts on “Mad Skills and New Independance

  1. AHHH! That is SO cute! I love the way you capture the essence of the exchange by writing what it sounds like she is saying (did that make sense?)! I can totally hear her saying it just like that…and she sounds like Lillian!

  2. Wonderful retelling of a child’s growing up experience!! I loved it. Helped me remember some of our own experiences with our four children. Those are precious memories. Thanks for sharing.

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