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Well, my glasses arrived from Zenni optical.  I purchased two $8 pairs to give me a back up pair.  I’ve always wanted a back up pair, but I’ve never been able to afford one.  I’ve also been scared to pick up a really fun pair of glasses, because I was scared they wouldn’t work for everything, or I’d get really tired of wearing them.  At eight dollars (and flat shipping – you pay the same for shipping four pairs as one) for a complete set of glasses, I could afford to order two pairs and still spent a fraction of what I would have spent anywhere else.

So the glasses are here, and I am in the rare position of choosing which pair of glasses will be my regular pair and which will be my back up.

So what do you think?  Tell me which pair you like the best (and ignore the unwashed hair and messy cabinet).



fun and funky

fun and funky











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11 responses to “Your Opinion, Please

  • andreajennine

    I really like the shape of the classic on you. I like the others, too; I just prefer the classic!
    (I don’t wear glasses, but there’s a ridiculous part of me that can’t wait for my vision to start failing so that I can get some. I just think they’re such a great accessory! I love picking out glasses for my husband.)

  • Jawan

    Oh gosh, I’m gonna have to give you the opposing opinion (of Andrea) and choose the fun and funky ones as the regular pair. I think it’s cool they are cool and younger looking. Of course, the classic are great, too…I’m just glad you didn’t get the cat eye rims that some are deeming cool now.

  • Jawan

    How many times can one person use the word COOL? Sorry…I was distracted by a cute little girl who kept asking if she could put on her dress up outfit. She’s so cool.

  • Laura

    Jawan, cool post and I agree with you! The fun and spunky are just so cute.

  • melissa

    I’m putting my vote in with the funky ones, too. We could all do with a litle fun and funky in our lives. (Andrea, I have the same secret yearning for a pair of fun glasses!)

  • Renee

    I like the fun & funky pair. I will be checking out that website soon, maybe I can finally get a fun backup pair of glasses.

  • Tera Montgomery

    It’s so cool that you have had so many responses to the cool pair of fun and funky glasses. 🙂 (Gotta love RJM!)

    I would have to agree that you should start with the fun pair. I also think it is great that you got two pairs because I am getting tired of mine and wish I had a back-up pair to mix things up a bit. They are both really nice frames on you though.

  • Carole

    How great that they both look so good…i like the fun & funky ones too, but really am a classic in most things I chose..not alot of help eh?

  • Melinda

    DEFINATELY fun and funky….classic as a back up, fun and funky for all day every day…

  • Kacie

    I loved the fun and funky pair when I saw you in them on Sunday 🙂

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