Snatching A Few Moments

My life right now runs full out non-stop from roughly 6:30 in the morning when my Cheesedoodle wakes up until 11:30 in the evening when I have welcomed home my husband and heard about his shift at work.  I feel like I’m always behind, and I just have to choose the things that get left undone.  Somethings choose for me. If I don’t cook, we can’t feed ourselves or the mackerdoodle.   If I don’t do dishes, we can’t feed ourselves or the mackerdoodle.  If I don’t do laundry we can’t dress ourselves or mac n cheese.  These are the very fundamental Proverbs 31 requirements and they are always at the top of my priority list.  But some other things are a little fuzzier.  How long can I let the toilet go unscrubbed before I’m just being disgusting?  When do I answer the phone and chat with family or long distance friends?  Do I play outside with my toddler (a good healthy thing) or stay inside and bake bread (a good healthy thing)?

As you’ve noticed, the blog has fallen to the bottom of the to-do list, and even that is a difficult decision.  I find myself using my blog archives to remember events in my children’s lives, which means I want to continue making my blog a priority, if for nothing else than to help me document my children’s young years.

So right now I have four different drafts in my folder with titles ranging from “Do all by self” to “But to whom are we thankful?  A thought on Thanksgiving.”  but the one that is being published is the only one I have time to finish:  the post about how I don’t have time to post.  I suppose that in itself is a documentation of my life right now.