Memories and Traditions

Way back in December of 2004 Jonathan and I were in between jobs, poor, and struggling to sell our home in Middle Georgia – yes, basically just like we are now, only we were also childless.  That Thanksgiving we had driven to eastern Canada to meet my new nephew (Pigeon), so we were to be home, alone, at Christmas.  Our new pastor and his wife, whom we had known about six months, invited us to spend Christmas with them at her parents’ home.  When we left that celebration we felt like we’d spent it with family.

Two years later Rob and Sherri no longer lived in West Central Georgia.  We had sold our house in Middle Georgia and moved here permanently and we were grieving a miscarriage after years of infertility.  Once again an invitation to celebrate a holiday with the Wilkerson/Hightowers came at the perfect time.  We spent the full weekend with Rob and Sherri and came home feeling encouraged and invigorated.  Two days later we found out we were pregnant with our mackerdoodle.

It was fitting, therefore, that our mackerdoodle would have her first Thanksgiving with the Wilkerson/Hightowers the next year.  It was a little rough on her but it was like introducing her to another branch of the family and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.  Six weeks later Sherri’s daddy drove us to the Atlanta airport so that we could introduce our long awaited treasure to her grandparents.

This year we continued the tradition by bringing our cheesedoodle to celebrate his first US Thanksgiving with the Wilkerson/Hightowers.  He was a hit – of course – and we were blessed and encouraged – yet again.

We’ve been with the Wilkersons/Hightowers the first time they met Faith’s boyfriend Cecil.  We were a part of the first Thanksgiving they were reconciled with Rob’s parents after years of being estranged.  This year we were delighted to learn that Faith and Cecil are engaged, and I hope that in the future we’ll be able to watch their family grow.  I hope that we can continue the tradition of celebrating holidays with these wonderful folks who have become like family to us.