Fleeting Moments

My son will be six months old next week and is already out of most of his six month clothes.  He is growing so quickly that I wonder if he may pass his sister in the next few years.  With every outfit that doesn’t fit I feel like I’m watching my baby boy grow into a little boy who won’t have  time to stop and cuddle his mama.

All of that is running through my mind right now as he sleeps on my lap.  His feet hang off my right leg, almost touching the  couch, and his head is resting in the crook of my elbow.  He makes a loose “L” across my legs and torso and his easy breathing leaves a warm, comfortable, living weight against my body.

I should be folding laundry, but I just can’t bring myself to put him in his crib.  I can’t help but feel that these moments will be gone too soon.

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2 responses to “Fleeting Moments

  • Melinda

    it’s true Cor…Lucas is just over two years old…and he still cuddles and gives sugar…but not like before…I have to work it out of him sometimes…and he has occasionally started to do that “guy-pat-the-back-when-hugging” thing too…sob…cuddle cuddle cuddle…laundry will ALWAYS be there…

  • Roberta Taylor

    Yes, they grow, and while we are sad at what we lose, we would be sadder still if they didn’t. My baby is 4″ taller than his sister now, easily 5’7″, but he still whines about not enough hugs, so there is hope on the snuggles front- do not despair. If I’m having a rough day, he’s quick to offer me a cup of tea, and he’s been learning Greensleeves on his guitar because I told him (a year ago) that I loved it. Looking at his baby book is bittersweet, but only for a moment- then I remember the young man he’s become and my heart is soothed. Well, I remember that and how I didn’t sleep for several years:)

    (And on a related note, it’s odd to think, but I’m probably nearer grandbabies than I am removed from my own babes, and that, while somewhat unsettling, is also a comfort in its own way)

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