Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

i got Nuthin

My cheesedoodle has had a head cold since Thursday.  He couldn’t sleep lying flat, because he couldn’t breathe, so two nights I “slept” sitting up on the couch holding him up enough that he could breathe, but flat enough that he would actually sleep.  He developed a deep chest cough and cried every time he coughed, including odd times at night.  During the days he just wanted to be held, and because he was crying at night, the mackerdoodle wasn’t sleeping well, meaning she wanted to be held during the  day.     It’s been a long few days.

Yesterday we got some amoxicilin for the little man’s burgeoning ear infection, and this morning the entire family slept until 8:30!  It was beautiful!  I was able to actually put the little guy in his exer-saucer and do some things that haven’t been done.

But now I’m tired, and those nights of sleeplessness are still hanging over me.  My creativity is hibernating somewhere in the recess of my brain, and I’m going to go to bed with the hopes of reviving it.

Tune in to my next post to see if I was successful.