Wrapping Up Some Loose Ends

I realized that I have blogged about a series of things, and then I move on with my life.  But y’all don’t live with me.  You don’t know how these things work out.  Here are a few updates on past posts:

My glasses from Zenni Optical are great.  I am wearing the fun and funky ones as my primary glasses.  They are a little heavier than the silver frames, but they are taller which makes them better for everyday wear.  If you order from Zenni, I would recommend that you take some time at a WalMart optical center, or another optical retailer with very little customer service who will leave you alone to try on glasses in peace.  Once you find several frames you like, take note of the style, and the dimensions.  My silver glasses were narrower than I anticipated, because I didn’t measure the sample frames I had tried on.

My son is sleeping much better thank you.  He has almost completely recovered from his ear infection/congestion and with the recovery came a return to his normal sleeping patterns.  I am apparently far too willing to accept personal responsibility for temporary situations.  🙂

Finally, my new slippers are very comfortable.  I purchased them to avoid wearing my running shoes in the house and while not providing entirely as much support, the slippers are a much better alternative to walking about barefooted or in sock feet all day and ending up feeling like a train hit my lower body at the end of the day.

So that’s an update on my life.  How are y’all?


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One response to “Wrapping Up Some Loose Ends

  • Marianne

    Have I mentioned that you and both of your children are ridiculously cute? I love the new glasses! And, despite my comment of KNOWING NOTHING ABOUT FASHION, I’m glad you like your slippers!

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