Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Does Anyone Else’s Infant Need a Belt?

I’m really struggling to dress the Cheesedoodle.  Here’s my dilemma:  when I put him in 6 month pants they are too short.  He looks like he’s wearing knickers or something.  His legs get cold.  He’s uncomfortable.  It’s just not good.  The problem is that the 12 month pants fit his legs – maybe some are a hair long, but not bad – but the only reason they stay at all around his waist is that diapers have fuzzy strips to which the velcro strips to adhere.  The slightest motion and all of a sudden my son has gone all Gangsta McSaggy Pants.

It makes it look like I’m dressing him in clothes that don’t fit.  Well, I guess it looks that way because I am, but it’s not like I can walk into a baby clothing store and say “6 month waist, 12 month leg please.”  So what’s a mama to do, apart from continually pulling up his pants, and putting him in as many overalls as possible?  Do I let him look knickery?  Do I let him look saggy?  Do they make infant belts?  Am I the only one with a problem like this?


Wordless Wednesday: Mackerdoodle in the Flavor Flave School of Jewelry

If you don't get the reference, click the picture.

PS (note the hot spot has become hot again.  Sisyphus had his stone, I have my housework.)