Does Anyone Else’s Infant Need a Belt?

I’m really struggling to dress the Cheesedoodle.  Here’s my dilemma:  when I put him in 6 month pants they are too short.  He looks like he’s wearing knickers or something.  His legs get cold.  He’s uncomfortable.  It’s just not good.  The problem is that the 12 month pants fit his legs – maybe some are a hair long, but not bad – but the only reason they stay at all around his waist is that diapers have fuzzy strips to which the velcro strips to adhere.  The slightest motion and all of a sudden my son has gone all Gangsta McSaggy Pants.

It makes it look like I’m dressing him in clothes that don’t fit.  Well, I guess it looks that way because I am, but it’s not like I can walk into a baby clothing store and say “6 month waist, 12 month leg please.”  So what’s a mama to do, apart from continually pulling up his pants, and putting him in as many overalls as possible?  Do I let him look knickery?  Do I let him look saggy?  Do they make infant belts?  Am I the only one with a problem like this?


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8 responses to “Does Anyone Else’s Infant Need a Belt?

  • Marianne

    We’re having the same problem with Nathan and 18 vs. 24 month pants. He has ONE pair of 24 month pants that fit him around the waist. All of his 18 month pants are too short and most are a smidge snug. What to do? Let me know if you receive words of wisdom, because I’m inept.

  • AJU5's Mom

    We have to stick with elastic or pants we can use a belt (ribbon) with for AJU5. I know some brands are wider than others, but in general, baby clothes aren’t meant for the average baby! Luckily for you, within the next year he will be able to move to toddler clothes, which if you look hard enough come in slims or with an adjustable elastic waist!

  • Roberta Taylor

    I’ll add it here as well as FB- Ben wore suspenders for the first few years of his life for this reason. They need to cross quite high behind the shoulders, but they do keep the pants up, and they’re cute too!

  • Kristen

    Hi Ladies,

    For the same problem you all are having I was inspired to start my company Cute Beltz. My little Girl was tall with a small waist and I got tired of putting her in clothes to small for the waist and clothes that were to big for her length, so Cute Beltz was created. Check us out at If you need smaller sizes than what I offer, email me, I do special request.

    Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.

  • melissa

    Um, Hello?! That’s why God invented DUCT TAPE!!!

  • melissa

    p.s. I was, actually, kidding. please don’t call social services.

  • Peggy

    In Grandma’s day, they had a neat little thing called a sewing machine, which enabled the “taking in” of pants or the attaching of elastic…just a thought

  • From My Position

    I’ve only one word for you, my friend:


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