Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

I Think I’ll be in Trouble When She’s Thirteen

Well, my mackerdoodle was in fine form while Nana and Papa were visiting.  She was always making us laugh with her little sayings and fun ways.  She would crawl up beside my dad and say “Nana, I yike dis Papa.”  When praying for meals she would thank God “for NanaPapa come, for Nana come, for Papa come,” and she continued to insist that she was NOT a baby, she was a big girl.

One day we had done a little shopping and on the last stop I left my two kids in Papa’s truck with Nana while I ran into  K-mart for batteries.  I returned to the truck to hear my mother saying “Oh really.  Is that right?”

Apparently Nana had challenged the mackerdoodle to do something because she was a big girl, and my mackerdoodle has promptly answered, “I no a big girl.  I a yittew girl.”

This had elicited Nana’s dry response.  Once in the truck myself I asked her myself if she was a big girl, and her answer remained firm.  She was a little girl, not a big girl.

“Are you a baby?”  I asked.

She was clearly insulted at the question.  Drawing herself up as far as her car seat buckles would allow, she loudly proclaimed, “I no a baby!  I a b. . . ”  there was just a hair of a pause as she caught the word and drew it back and then she finished the sentence, “I a small girl.”

If I can’t catch her up at two and a half, I’m really in for it in a few years.