Daily Archives: January 6, 2010

I Would Make a Joke About Global Warning, but My Fingers Are Frozen to the Keyboard.

So you might have seen the news stories that we’re cold here in the South and you might have chuckled a little at the thought of it.  I mean, for you hardy Yankees and Canadians a few degrees below freezing in January doesn’t seem that extreme.  When I complain that my winter flowers are dying of frostbite and hypothermia, you say, “Winter flowers?  She can grow pansies and snapdragons in January?”  Yes we can.  Normally.

The thing is, it’s all what you’re used to and we’re not used to a high being below freezing, or even hovering near it.  Our houses aren’t really built for it.  Our heaters aren’t really built for it.  Our wardrobes certainly aren’t built with a thought of several weeks of cold weather.  Tell the truth my southern friends: you’re having to wash your winter clothes more often because you just don’t have enough hoodies to handle the chill.  Am I right?

I don’t know how other people are handling the cold nights, but we’ve just moved the mackerdoodle into our bedroom, so we can turn the heater down really low and just run one space heater in one room.  It’s quite cozy actually, and while the cheesedoodle isn’t noticing much, the mackerdoodle is loving the “camping out.”  My husband, the same husband who swore a year before the mackerdoodle was born  that no children of his would ever sleep in the bed with us, looked at me last night and whispered “If we had a King sized bed we could put both kids in with us and we wouldn’t even need the space heater.”  What a difference two children and a cold winter can make in one’s outlook.

For the first time since becoming a mama, I’ve begun to slightly dread breast-feeding, because even tiny hands, when cold, are a little shocking.   I am shivering and my children are dressed in layers.  Jonathan wore long underwear under his Chick-Fil-A uniform because drive through might be nice if you’re the one in a warm car, but it’s a little chilly for the workers who have to keep that window open for all the people in their nice warm cars.

So yes, it’s cold here.  I don’t care what it would feel like if I lived somewhere else.  Here, it’s cold outside.