Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

More Mackerdoodle Moments

This will be another “look, I have a cute kid” post, but I can’t help it.  For one thing, I spend the vast majority of my day with my children, and then there’s the fact that I have extremely cute kids.

One evening while  getting my mackerdoodle out of the tub, she grinned up at me and I said to her, “You are the cutest little girl.”  Without missing a beat she threw up her hands and said, “In da wold.”

Last week it was REALLY COLD HERE!  One day I looked at the weather, and then looked up the weather in northern BC, where I grew up.  West Central Georgia was colder (yes, Melinda, actually colder) than northern BC.  That same day we went out to WalMart (where I bought 10 pairs of pink socks, to put the story in context) and while I was buckling my mackerdoodle into her car seat, I complained LOUDLY about how cold it was in the south.  (I may have done so repeatedly)  The mackerdoodle looked at me and said, “It bwoken.  The south bwoken.”  Amen little girl.  Amen.

The mackerdoodle has continued to modify her prayers before meals.  While my mom and dad were visiting, she thanked God “for nanapapa, for Nana, for Papa.” but lately she’s begun a prayer that makes my heart melt.  She thanks God for the food (whatever it happens to be, sometimes piece by piece) and then says, every meal, “Hank oo for daddy go work for mama stay home at our house.  Amen.”

So there you have it.  Look.  I have a cute kid.  (sorry Loran)