Daily Archives: January 20, 2010

Mysterious Ways

So you may have figured out that Jonathan didn’t start seminary in January.  The house is still sort of on the market, and we spent Novemebr and December just begging God for some direction.  Turns out God had a different idea than we did.

West Central Georgia has four major population bases: Columbus, Phenix City, Ft. Benning, and LaGrange and numerous smaller towns and rural counties.  Between those four centers, there are seven Chick-Fil-A restaurants, and at the recommendation of his current operator, Jonathan has taken a second position at another of those stores.  It is a store in desperate need of improvement, and Jonathan’s job is to bring the performance of the store up to meet Chick-Fil-A’s standards.  It will be a challenge, and it will mean fewer hours at home, but it will bring the combined benefits of more exposure and training for Jonathan and of course, a bigger bottom line for the family budget.  That financial benefit will help us to refinance our house which would all of a sudden make renting it an option.  So God’s timing and plans are almost never what we have planned, but they are always perfect.