Daily Archives: January 22, 2010

The Tyranny of the Urgent

Well, I’ve been unforgivably negligent when it comes to the blog.  I don’t mean to go days at a time without posting.  In fact, I think of posts several times a day; unfortunately I’ve been living my life by the seat of my pants lately, and one of the casualties has been my blog.

There’s no real reason, or excuse for the total lack of discipline I have allowed to creep into all areas of my life, but once it crept in, it fed on my apathy and grew large and unwieldy.   Soon, all I could do was barely keep up with the things that were screaming at me (literally or figuratively) and if it wasn’t urgent, it didn’t get done.

Eventually I was just moving from “crisis” to “crisis” with neither the energy nor the inclination to deal with anything else.  By the time I got the children through supper, then bath time and into bed I would eat supper because my stomach’s voice would suddenly rise to the fore, followed by the voice of my bladder.  Urgent of course becomes a matter of degrees and when faced with a hungry toddler or hungry self, the toddler wins.  Ditto for the potty.  I would check e-mail and answer some, load the dishwasher, pick up some toys, and then very busily do a lot of nothing until suddenly my husband was walking through the door and it was late and I was tired.

It’s a self replicating cycle and it replicated itself through days and into weeks until a wonderful thing happened.  Urgent became re-defined.  Jawan asked me to host a meeting on Thursday evening and all of those tasks I had been ignoring found their voices and screamed at me to be accomplished.  My hot spots begged for attention, my counter tops screamed to be bathed, my floors refused to be trodden underfoot.  90% of the things that had needed doing for weeks got done.

The truth is that it didn’t take that long to get everything back into shape.  I had allowed myself to be oppressed by the urgent, when a small bit of effort each day could have conquered the back log and made each day less urgent than the day before, instead of more.  My laziness was making my life more difficult . . . more exhausting.  But with the incentive from Jawan, some order is restored, and with it a blog post.

All is balanced in the universe once more.  🙂