Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

A Prediction – Or I should say iPrediction

In the late 70’s a company called Xerox invented a computer program that contained a point and click interface and the ability to run several different programs simultaneously in open windows.  In 1983 Apple re-invented it called it Lisa (and then Macintosh) and Steve Jobs was called a genius.  Apple complains that Microsoft stole the “windows” they had rightfully stolen first.

In 1997 a Korean company invented a digital player for MP3s called the MPMan.  For years MP3 players were considered evil, were going to kill the music industry, were only used by “pirates” who stole music from the internet.   In 2001 Apple re-invented it, called it the iPod and Steve Jobs was called a genius.

In 2002 a Canadian company called research in motion invented a smart phone that could check e-mail, access the web, text and e-fax.  Blackberries were considered evil, were going to ruin the very fabric of social interaction and were only used by workaholic robber barons.   In 2007 Apple re-invented it, called it the iPhone and Steve Jobs was called a genius.

In 1989 Grid Systems invented a tablet computer with stylus input and handwriting recognition.  In 2007 HP released a touchscreen PC, followed by a touchscreen tablet in 2008.   In 1998 e-books were invented.  In 2007 Amazon re-invented them, called them  Kindle and sold out in five and a half hours.  Wednesday, Apple announced that they have re-invented the touchscreen tablet, designed it to look like a big Kindle, and called it an iPad.  Steve Jobs is being called a genius.

My prediction is:  someone will develop a teleport device.  It will be up and running and used commercially and wholeheartedly demonized around the planet for ten to fifteen years.  Apple will re-invent it, call it the iMove and Steve Jobs will be called a genius.  Steve Jobs will go on the record accusing StarFleet of stealing what he had rightfully stolen first.