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Week End Inquiry #1 – Tell Me About Your Laundry Habits

I just realized that I can post polls here on my blog,  and it got me thinking.  Sometimes I really want to know what people are thinking, but it seems that most of my readers are shy about commenting, especially if offering a dissenting opinion.  I thought maybe you lurkers would be willing to vote anonymously rather than leave a comment, so over each weekend I’m going to post a poll question and leave it up all week.  I think it could be interested to see the results.

So here’s the first one:


When You’re Here, You’re Family

Wednesday I got a call from Sherri to say that Rob was going to be in town Thursday on business and could he stay with us.  Of course the answer was yes.  We hadn’t seen Rob and Sherri since Thanksgiving, and Rob just spent 2 weeks in Nepal teaching Nepalese pastors, so we were anxious to get caught up.

Rob came through the door as my mackerdoodle was eating supper which is a pretty casual affair for us.  With Jonathan working evenings, we have our planned, cooked, family meal at lunch and then leftovers or lunchy type food for supper.  So my mackerdoodle was eating her pepperoni and apple slices and Rob came in, sat down beside her, gave her a hug from Sherri and a hug from himself (I think Sherri got the short end of that deal – all giving hugs and no getting).  Within minutes the mackerdoodle was chatting and singing and dancing and generally showing of for “mr. wob” and did so until bed time.

The second her feet hit the floor Friday morning she was wondering where Mr. Wob went.  She sat beside him at breakfast and climbed onto his lap after breakfast.  While sitting on Wob’s lap, after sending a video greeting to Sherri via Wob’s webcam, Wob asked my mackerdoodle if he could take the cheesedoodle home with him.

Mackerdoodle wrinkled her nose in a cheeky grin and said the expected “no-o.”

“Then, will you come home with me?” asked Wob.

“Oh.  Yeah.” said my mackerdoodle, casually accepting this.  We all laughed and continued our conversation.

All too soon Mr. Wob had to go to work.  He told the mackerdoodle that he was going to get his things together and she said “I get my shoes mr. wob.  I be wight back.”  She trotted away quickly toward her bedroom, and when Wob came down with his things, she was coming running back with her shoes in her hand, saying “I almost weady.”

We were stunned that not only she thought she was going home with mr. wob, she was excited about the idea, and really disappointed (like full blown tears) when she realized that she wasn’t.

After Jonathan went to work in the afternoon, my mackerdoodle kept asking me “mr. wob at work at chikfiyay?”  I explained repeatedly the mr. wob didn’t work at Chick-fil-a, that her daddy worked there, and mr. wob worked for ServePro.  She would say “ServePwo?  He come have supper wif me?”  When the answer was no, she would heave a big sigh and sag her little shoulders.

We always feel that our visits with Rob and Sherri are far too short.  Apparently our mackerdoodle has the same feeling.  She can some how sense that even though there is no genetic connection, mr. wob is family.

So come back soon mr. wob.  And bring Sherri with you.  Our mackerdoodle is weady and waiting.