Week End Inquiry #1 – Tell Me About Your Laundry Habits

I just realized that I can post polls here on my blog,  and it got me thinking.  Sometimes I really want to know what people are thinking, but it seems that most of my readers are shy about commenting, especially if offering a dissenting opinion.  I thought maybe you lurkers would be willing to vote anonymously rather than leave a comment, so over each weekend I’m going to post a poll question and leave it up all week.  I think it could be interested to see the results.

So here’s the first one:


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4 responses to “Week End Inquiry #1 – Tell Me About Your Laundry Habits

  • AJU5's Mom

    I will wear pants and sweaters/sweatshirts multiple times, but normal shirts get washed after each wear.

  • Pati Allen

    T-shirts, blouses, thanks (or any clothing item that touches my underarms directly) only once before washing, sweaters jeans or pants usually twice!

  • Kristi-Anna

    I’m with A and Patti… pants and sweaters, I wear until they are dirty… sometimes once, sometimes a ‘weeks worth’ of wear!! Shirts mostly get tossed once they are worn a single time, due in part to the hole in my bottom lip 😉 LOL!

  • Marianne

    My answer doesn’t really fit … I’m good about wearing everything once except the tank tops I sleep in… for some reason, I’ll wear those about three times. And then I’m grossed out.

    And yes… It’s winter in Chicago and I wear tank tops. Our bedroom is on the fourth floor and it is HOTTTTTT!

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