Of All the Mornings in All the Month He Picked THIS One

For the last three weeks my cheesedoodle has been waking between 4 and 4:30 am, nursing for an hour and a half to two hours solid (not comfortable I’ve got to say) and then eventually giving it up around 6:30 and deciding he was  awake.  He would announce this by grinning hugely and saying “aaaaaahAH” punctuating that loud “AH” with a kick from his legs powerful enough to propel him upward into my nose or chin or whatever was in the way.  I begged and pleaded and (sinfully) grumbled and complained, but 6:30 was the longest he could last.

In a long series of trial and error attempts to get him to a. sleep longer and b. not need 2 hours of nursing before the awakening kick, last night I fed him turkey baby food mixed with squash for supper.  This morning he wanted his wake-up nurse at 7:30!

This morning is orientation for Jonathan’s second job.  He had to be at orientation by 8 am.  At 7:45 the cheesedoodle took a breath and I jumped from the bed just in time to be able to wave as my husband walked out the door.  I didn’t even get to kiss him.  Of all the days I could have handled an early wake up call from my son, and that’s the day I hit on feeding him protein for supper. Disappointed in the timing this morning I wandered into the kitchen to find that my husband made me coffee before running out to orientation.  I have an awesome man!

This timing isn’t supposed to be normative.  The shift his new boss or one of them. There seem to be at least two.  It’s all a little confusing.  Anyway, the shift his first new boss talked about was 10 am – 2 pm, giving him breakfast with us at home and an hour to get to his 3 pm to close shift at his original restaurant.

I hope that turkey for supper is the solution to my cheesedoodle’s early morning hunger issues, and that as a family we can spend a nice morning (as opposed to a tired cranky one) together before Jonathan leaves for his 13 hour days, because I know he was disappointed to walk out the door or a sleeping house, knowing he’d be coming home to a sleeping house.  I think the long days will be easier to bear if he can leave the house with the open mouthed kisses of the cheesedoodle on his cheek and the sound of “I yuv oo.  See oo yater.”  from the mackerdoodle in his ears.  And I rather think it more appropriate for ME to be making HIM coffee before he heads out the door.


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2 responses to “Of All the Mornings in All the Month He Picked THIS One

  • Pati Allen

    You are such a good wife to your hubby! I share your feelings of sending our hubbys out of the house with a smile a kiss and lots of I love yous. But I’m glad that you got a little more sleep this morning…we mommas need that!… everyones in a while:-)
    Enjoy your day I’m sure your feeling like a new person with that little extra sleep;}

  • AJU5's Mom

    My husband leaves for work before we get up (around 5:45 most mornings). But, he normally is home by 5:00. I love that we get at least 2 hours most nights together as a family before AJU5 is ready for bed. I hope the mornings are like that for you too!

    And hopefully the Cheesedoodle will let you sleep some but not too much that you miss your time with your husband!

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