Mackerdoodle in Fine Form

This weekend was a treasure trove of mackerdoodle wit and wisdom.  From morning until night she had me rolling with laughter.  I told Jonathan that I should write them all down at the moment, and I was right.  I know there are some I’m forgetting.  Regardless, here are the mackerdoodle quotables from the weekend:

After church we were planning to have lunch with the McGinnises and the McCleods.  We informed the mackerdoodle of this plan as we were leaving the church building.  She spent the ride in the car saying “I no want to eat in the clouds.  I want to eat a hot dog.  I no want to eat in the clouds.”  Eventually we reached our destination, had a great lunch, and headed home.  As we pulled into our driveway, the mackerdoodle began saying “no.  Not our house.  No.  Not our house.”  I was focused on getting the cheesedoodle into the house without waking him, so it took me several minutes before I realized that she was saying: “No, we go up in clouds.  We need big ladder.”

So after a nap and some daddy cuddles it was time to go back out.  As Jonathan buckled her, he asked when she could ride in a booster (as opposed to the car seat).  The mackerdoodle piped up with “Nooooooooo, Daddy.  I no ride in a wooster!  That make the wooster sick.  That ridiculous.”  (there’s that word again.)

I was still giggling about the “wooster” when we pulled up to a stop light to turn right.  A car parallel to us in a left turn lane decided to turn right (from the left turn lane) while a large truck was bearing down on it from the left.  Jonathan said (didn’t shout, he just said it.) “Are you out of your mind?”  From the back seat came, “No daddy.  I no out of mind.  I okay.”

So there you have it.  A weekend with the mackerdoodle has no dull moments.


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