What Freedom You Have Brought Me Dear Readers

For the first four years of my marriage I didn’t have a washer and dryer.  We had to do all of our laundry at laundromats which was not only extremely inconvenient, it was also expensive.  Jonathan was in college and I was working two jobs.  Laundry money and time priority went to my work uniforms and our church clothes because Jonathan was working part time at churches during that time, but everything else was left way past it’s “best by” date, if you know what I mean.  I remember regularly fishing through a pile of dirty blue jeans looking for the least dirty pair to wear to Pioneer Clubs on Wednesday nights.

When I did get my own laundry facilities, we rented a series of houses with drainage problems.  When the washing machine drained I had to stop it halfway through to let the water drain or it would back up into my kitchen sink.  I couldn’t put on a load of laundry as I was leaving the house, or even do many other chores while doing laundry. Things were a little better, but I still found myself continually behind with my laundry – never enough clean clothes, towels or sheets and always worried that my clothing looked or smelled dirty.

Are you understanding why I hate laundry?

About six or seven years ago, when I was finally able to do as much laundry as I wanted, I was able to live like I thought normal people lived.  I washed clothing after every wear.  Do you know how much freedom it was to me to discover that while you don’t fish through piles of dirty blue jeans, most of you wear an item more than once before washing it?  Of course, between my toddler and my infant I’m fairly likely to have an item of clothing covered in either a body fluid or food paste, but when that doesn’t happen I can lay that rare item of clothing aside knowing that I am in the majority of my blog readers if I wear it another day.

I still hate laundry.  But I have a little less of it these days.


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2 responses to “What Freedom You Have Brought Me Dear Readers

  • Lauralee

    Wow, you had quite an laundry adventure. I think I’d wash everything every time after that!! 🙂 I have not had the problems/trials with laundry you have, but I still don’t like doing it. 🙂

  • AJU5's Mom

    I don’t think too many people actually LIKE to do laundry. I try to do it all in a day or two (5 loads/week these days) just because I have found that is the only way I get everything finished and put away.

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