Getting Better and Better

Three weeks ago I posted the video of my cheesedoodle doing his army crawl.  Well, he certainly didn’t stop there.  Within days he had graduated to this little crab scoot:

and today I got this video:

If you really want to see him at his fastest, come sit in my living room with him and watch him get up to full speed when he hears me turn on the water in the bath tub.  He can often beat his sister.


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3 responses to “Getting Better and Better

  • melissa

    We loved that! And, was that a Calgary Flames sweater he was wearing? My, oh my, where did he get that? I had no idea you were a Flames fan, Jonathan! (hee, hee).

  • Marianne

    GO, Little man! He’s so cute! 🙂

  • Melinda

    soo cute Cor!….Ryan isn’t crawling on hands and knees yet (but not for lack of trying)….but he sure can scoot FAST…I think he is just trying to keep up with older brother, because he is much earlier on this than Lucas…amazing how suddenly I have become aware, again, of how dirty my floors are…and what kind of choking hazards are everywhere….I forgot what this was like…

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