Wait, is This Wednesday? Already?

As last week drew to a close all I could see stretching ahead of me were long lonely days of looking at the walls of my house.  As was betrayed by my posting last week it was a little overwhelming.  Can you imagine my reaction when, on Friday morning while at Publix on what I thought would be my free day, Jonathan called to tell me that he’d been called in to work at the FSU that night because the other closer was sick.  It was going to be ANOTHER night without him, ANOTHER supper/bath time/bed time without him, ANOTHER long evening.  I took my milk home, put it in the refrigerator and then took the children to the park to let them run until it was time to pick Jonathan up at the Hospital and bring him home just to go back out again.

Then a remarkable thing happened:

First, I realized that if I could get Jonathan back to work on this day, I could do it on others.  The work at the “hopsilater” didn’t have to mean total isolation!

Next, we had all of Saturday AND Sunday together as a family.  We had leisurely meals and played with the kids and had a real weekend.

Then I got to go to bible study, have lunch with Pati and evening coffee with Jawan on Monday, and Tuesday was Jonathan’s next evening off, which we shared with “Mr. Wob” who was unexpectedly back in town for work.

This morning I woke to grey drizzle and chilly temperatures and thought, “I’m glad I’m going to be inside today.  I need to get some laundry done and mop the kitchen floor and . . .”  I was *glad* to be facing two days at home without the car to distract, because I know that Friday I’m meeting Jawan at the church and Saturday is a Ladies Brunch at church and then there will be another Lord’s Day.

It’s a good thing to find contentment in circumstance.  The Lord calls us to it.  But sometimes the Lord is very gracious and kind and changes our circumstances to make it easier to find the contentment to which He has called us.  He did that for me, and I am so grateful.  I’m not even dreading doing my laundry.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


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