How Do I Convince Her There Will Be No Bugs?

You may remember the confusion on my daughter’s part regarding Canadians, bugs and peanut butter.  (click that sentence to read about it if you don’t.)  Well, it hasn’t been cleared up and in a week and a half we’re on our way to Canada, where my mackerdoodle is convinced that she will be served bugs instead of peanut butter.

My aunt lives in northern Australia and has just had a hip replacement.  My father, her brother and only sibling, is flying out to assist her in her recovery.  He’ll be spending a month on the other side of the globe (upside down and backwards) so my two children and I will be keeping my mom company while he’s gone.

Despite leaving behind spring here, and going back into what I consider winter there, I’m looking forward to the trip.  My parents recently moved from British Columbia to Ontario, and I haven’t seen their new home, or met their new friends.  It will be nice to adjust my image of their environment and put a context to our frequent conversations.  It will be nice to be only 45 minutes drive from my sister and her children (oh, and her husband.  Sorry Brian) and give my mackerdoodle an extended time to get to know her cousins as real people.

But the primary hurtle over which we must triumph is this belief that Canadians eat bugs instead of peanut butter.  The mackerdoodle just told a friend of mine that she was going to see “Nana in Cana.  She eat bugs stead of peyut budler.”  I was tripping over my eye teeth trying to explain that one.  Jonathan suggested that the first thing I do when I arrive is to take her to the peanut butter jar and let her see that they have peanut butter.

Maybe that will work.

Or maybe she’ll just call it bugs and refuse to eat it.

We leave in a week and a half, so I’ll keep you posted.


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