Thank You West Central Georgia Drive Through Customers

Since becoming the night manager at his free standing Chick-Fil-A, Jonathan has been trying to motivate his workers to faster order completion speeds.  He’s tried a lot of things to mediocre success, until last week.  Last week he had a breakthrough.  Instead of focusing on times, he focused on a tangible that the staff could grasp.  He set a goal of 70 cars through the drive through in one hour.  The most they had ever managed was 60.

On February 19, 2010 his store did 75 cars through their drive through in one hour.  As a reward, Jonathan’s boss told him to take his wife (that would be ME!) out for a meal at the boss’ expense.  (that would be a free meal)  We had to reschedule once, but tonight I left my children with Mitch and Jawan and Jonathan and I ate an entire meal without:

  • a child needing to go to the potty
  • an infant throwing/spitting pureed food at me
  • interruptions
  • correction

We did wonder aloud if the cheesedoodle was screaming at the McGinnis family, but assured that Jawan would call if there was a total meltdown we only wondered it once.  We ate mongolian grill, then had coffee and cheesecake at Barnes and Noble and then made our way back to pick up our children.  When we arrived not only were the children not screaming and carrying on, it took them several minutes to even care that we were back.

It was our first evening out since our anniversary, May 20, 2009.  That’s 288 days, in case you were wondering.

SO if this story touched you, and you happen to live in west central Georgia, the eventual goal of evening drive through is 100 cars between 6 pm and 7 pm.  Why don’t you divide your entire family out between all the cars in your family and all drive through for fries on Monday evening.  I might get another date out of it.


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3 responses to “Thank You West Central Georgia Drive Through Customers

  • Carole

    I’m so pleased you had a great meal out will be the last time you can have this kind of treat for a while…

  • Elizabeth

    As a former frequent customer at that Chick-fil-a, I am very impressed. I almost never went through the drive-thru because it took much longer than running inside to order. Nice job Jonathan!

  • AJU5's Mom

    Sounds like a great night! We don’t live anywhere near Georgia, so we can’t help (sorry). But, hopefully you will get another night out soon!

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