Oh So Much To Do!

I leave for Canada on Thursday.  How did that sneak up on me?  I have TOO MUCH TO DO!

Here’s the problem: if I pack too early, we won’t have any clothes to wear until we leave.  Of course, if I pack too late we won’t have any clothes to wear while we’re there.

Plus, I have to make sure the house is showable while I’m gone.

So what did I do today?  A lot of things not at my house that achieved neither of those goals.

Why do I do these things?


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3 responses to “Oh So Much To Do!

  • Melinda

    HEY! since you are gonna be in the country ANYWAY….why don’t you just pop on over to BC and have a visit….I”m just saying…….

  • Jawan

    You did those things because WE WON’T SEE YOU FOR FOUR WHOLE WEEKS and we wouldn’t have let you leave without spending the morning with us at Bible study. Not to mention that I got some pretty darn cute shots of that baby boy of yours. Don’t forget to think about my offer in helping you “pack”.

  • Marianne

    Have a great trip, Coralie!

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