She Makes a Daddy Proud

We’ve lived in Georgia for almost 12 years, and it really is home, but there are some specific things about Canada that Jonathan and I miss and we try to get our fill of them during our visits here.  There are a few food items that we can’t buy in the States, like Hawkins Cheezies (oh I LOVE THEM SO!) and Coffee Crisp.  There is an obligatory trip to Canadian Tire and Mark’s Work Wearhouse, and if at all possible a meal at Boston Pizza is nice.  Today, however, our mackerdoodle proved that of all these things, there is one prime Canadian destination that trumps all of these.  We’ve been here six days and already visited it four times – enough that when I told the mackerdoodle we were going to run some errands after lunch she looked at me and asked:

“We go to Tip Hortons?”

Of course we did.


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2 responses to “She Makes a Daddy Proud

  • Lauralee

    Hahahaha! So cute!

  • Lily

    You’re right on the mark kid. That’s the first place I look for when I got to Canada, but it’s been a long time now. A tin of their coffee did make it to me the other day but, alass, donut’s and muffin’s are items that would be frowned apon by customs.

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