Always Missing Someone

Today we’ve been in Canada (or Cahnah as the mackerdoodle calls it) for 8 sleeps with 17 sleeps to go.  We’ve filled our time with fun and family and next week I’m going to be meeting a college friend I haven’t seen in more than ten years.  The mackerdoodle is playing herself ragged with her cousins and loving every second of her time here.  But every morning she asks if we can go to Chick-Fil-A and see daddy, and a few days ago, when I asked her if she’d had fun on an outing with her cousins, she said that she had and then asked, “Next time Abigail and her mama and daddy get on a plane and come to Aunty Melissa’s wif us?”

As fun as it is to be here, there’s always someone we’re missing.

It’s the nature of life, I think; maybe especially the nature of life in the family of God.  We’re connected so personally to people all over the globe and this side of eternity we’re bound to be separated geographically from someone with whom we’re bonded spiritually.  I pray that my daughter will always feel that tug of always missing someone, because it will mean she’s truly loving and experiencing fellowship; but I pray that the tug will be alleviated, as it is now, by the love and fellowship with which she’s surrounded.

And maybe, as it was this evening, by smores.


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2 responses to “Always Missing Someone

  • Kristi-Anna

    Enjoy your visit!! I was hoping to see you while you were here, but c’est la vie, it’s not looking good :<

  • Jawan

    Did Jonathan tell you that Abigail saw the white van drive into the church parking lot last weekend and she shot her hands up in the air over head, yelling with glee, “Moriah!”. She was so disappointed.

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